Our houses and wagons are warm and cosy. If you decide to stay in, you will find there books, records, board games and in some of them also projectors. Children can play outside, too.
In Świnoroje and Pasieki there is a swimming pool, sandpit and swings. In Gruszki there is a public playground just behind the corner.
The main attractions, however, wait for you outside. These are the peace and freedom of the countryside, luxury of vast space and intensity of wildlife.
No matter what the weather, you can always put on the right clothes and enjoy the outdoors. We recommend you a visit in the Bialowieza National Park. You just need a guide to enter the strictly protected area, but it is really worth it. You will learn more about the Forest and it will help you understand it better.
North of the Forest you can do birdwatching by the Siemianówka Lake. It is also a good place for swimming and relaxing walks.
The nearby rivers of Narewka and Narew are great for kayaking. In the village of Masiewo you can try horse riding. Just next to our premises there are also many tourist and bike routes, and in fact any countryside road is great for cycling. If you like walking, you can choose one of the many paths or just stroll freely in nature. No matter what your destination, you will always be able to enjoy wildlife, just keep your eyes wide open.
If you are interested in the cultural landscape of the region, you might feel like seeing the tiny Jewish cemetery or drop by the Gallery of Tamara Soloniewicz in Narewka.
If you are ready to get into your car and travel just a little bit further, you could set off for the villages of Soce and Puchły by the Narew River. You will find there some nice examples of traditional wooden architecture. You can also visit Odrynki with a small orthodox monastery by the river.
Not far from Białystok, in Supraśl, you can visit a museum of icons. If you drive even more to the north, you will finally reach the Tatar village of Kruszyniany with an old wooden mosque and a nice restaurant. It might also turn out that some of the most precious adventures you will experience when roaming around little villages, looking into the gardens, meeting local people and maybe chatting with them for a while.

Seasons in the Forest and what they have to offer:


  • It is the time when trees are only starting to put on leaves. That is why bisons and other big mammals are easier to watch. In March and April they still can be seen grazing in the meadows.
  • You can ride your bike, hike and do Nordic walking. It is also probably the best time for kayaking. Rivers overflow and attract migrating birds, while there banks are still not overgrown with reed and therefore offer great views.
  • Bird migrations start. Flocks of geese cross the sky or perch in the fields and meadows. Cranes and storks come back. Amazing nature concerts begin and last until late at night. If you like birdwatching, you will have lots to explore, as the area is home to many rare species.
  • You can also listen to different species of frogs that live in the humid meadows and in ponds. You will experience with your own ears the richness and diversity of different forms of life.
  • In the blooming meadows you will be able to find many rare species of plants. You can take photos, draw them or collect in beautiful bunches.
  • You can enjoy the sauna and the hot tub. It will be a great experience during long but still a bit cold evenings.


  • Is the time when you can indulge in the laziness of hot days and, for example, reading outside surrounded by the sounds and smells of nature. In the evenings you can watch bats or listen to crickets and owls. At night you can watch the stars. Far away from cities or towns, the sky regains its natural darkness and all the constellations become more visible. Or you might end your day in the garden by the fire.
  • You can swim in the river or in a swimming pool. In Pasieki and Świnoroje the bathing season starts already in the middle of June.
  • You can go cycling or hiking – there are many interesting routes around.
  • You can enjoy your meals outside or choose to have your dinner by the fire, under the starry sky.
  • You may get up at dawn and set off for the Forest to watch animals – with or without a guide.
  • If you like to be active, you can go kayaking down the rivers of Narewka and Narew or on the Siemianówka Lake. You can also play volleyball, football and tennis in Siemianówka or just volleyball on the court by the “Pod Dębami” parking space near the Rousseau Mansion.


  • September is the mating time for deer. The rut means that stags roar loudly from different directions and this is a really powerful concert. In Pasieki you can listen to it even from your own bed.
  • Once again you can watch migrating birds. At the turn of September and October geese and cranes fly away. The sky is filled with flocks and sounds. One of good places for ornithological observations is the Siemianówka Lake.

© Adam Wajrak

  • You can walk in the Forest and enjoy the colours of Indian Summer. They become most vibrant in the first half of October in those parts of the woods where oaks and hornbeams dominate. You may also like to stroll in the meadows and watch the morning or evening fogs.
  • You can pick mushrooms in the Forest.
  • As the season progresses, it is again easier to see bisons grazing in the meadows.
  • After a chilly day, you can enjoy the sauna and the hot tub.


  • It is when you will be able to enjoy the snowy Forest, which is fantastic for walks, cross-country or back-country skiing. The skis can be rented for example in Białowieża.
  • It is also great time to track animals. Winter is also probably the best part of the year to watch bisons. They come out into the fields, sometimes in large groups.
  • In February deer shed their antlers. These are not so easy to find but, with some luck, it is possible.
  • Among different activities, you might take a ride on a Hucul pony.
  • After dusk you can enjoy the cosiness of our interiors, cook together, talk, listen to music, watch a good film or read by the fireplace.
  • Finally, you can warm yourself up in our sauna.